Welcome to Martins Accounting
& Tax Service, LLC

Since 1967, Martins Accounting and Tax Service has worked to maximize your tax savings with professional tax preparation services. Martins Accounting and Tax Service is located in Hartsville, SC and is an expert in all areas of taxation, including corporate, individual, partnership, local and state taxes.  Martins Accounting and Tax Service can help find deductions that might otherwise be overlooked.

Our goal is to prepare and file the most accurate return possible that will minimize your tax liability. We will look for every possible way to assist you in running your business and attempt to provide you with feedback that will assist you in saving money for your individual or business return.

We also offer bookkeeping and payroll services for your business and can help new businesses get set up as an LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, or whatever your needs may be.

Give us a call today to see if Martins Accounting and Tax Service is a good fit for your individual or business needs.